Wingfoil hydrofoil VS1350

  • The carbon wingfoil hydrofoil VS1350 is designed to ride with high speed allowing the rider to rise above the surface of the water and glide along with minimal drag even in moderate wind condition.
  • The fuselage can range in length from 70 cm to 80 cm. The longer the fuselage, the more stable and less maneuverable the hydrofoil is. The mast is made of aluminum and can range in length from 70 cm to over 90 cm. The longer the mast, the higher the rider will be lifted out of the water, allowing for faster speeds and smoother rides even with big waves.
  • Overall, the VS1350 is a high-performance piece of equipment designed for intermediate and advanced riders looking to take their wingfoiling journey to next level. Its lightweight and durable construction, combined with its ability to generate lift and reduce drag, make it an essential component for anyone looking to excel in the sport of wingfoiling.
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